An affordable and dependable service

We're proud to boast of the reputation we have in Reading. We've worked on a wide variety of different properties for a wide variety of different people. We consider ourselves experts on the full gamut of requirements and feel confident ours is the only phone number you need.

We've ensured our reputation because we offer high quality workmanship for a reasonable, affordable fee. We understand, for example, that this isn't what you might have hoped to spend your money on. Therefore we make sure that we don't charge inflated fees for our work. Likewise, our high-calibre workforce mean any job we complete will stand the test of time.

What we do

We're an expert team of professionals. Throughout the lifespan of this company we've consistently hired high quality experts to work with us. We are therefore confident that no matter what you might need, we'll be able to provide a great service for you.

We're a local company and this is our home. We know these roofs well, and therefore will be able to quickly assess your problem and provide you with a reasonable quote.

We can help

We're happy to talk you through your problem, either over the phone or in person. We can arrange a time to visit your property and cast a trained eye over the problem and advise on what work is required. We'll then provide you with a written quote for free. Once we've offered you the price, we'll gladly let you mull it over before letting us know whether you are interested.

We are an honest company that have long relied on word-of-mouth and local communities. We have never had anything to gain by offering overpriced services, and always ensure we leave behind us a trail of excellent craftmanship and happy, content customers.

Find out today how we can help and why we're so popular in the region on 0118 305 9125.

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